Where to find soul sand in Minecraft|Easy and simple way

This post is going to explain the soul sand block the different uses and finding soul sand.

What is the soul sand block?

The soul sand block can be found in the nether. If you walk on soul sand your movement will be slowed by 50% if you light soul sand on fire it will be a soul fire.

The soul fire will burn indefinitely and can repel piglin. Soul sand functions like a normal block it can be broken with any tool but the shovel is the quickest tool to use.

Uses of soul sand(soul sand in minecraft)

The soul sand block has a lot of different uses in Minecraft to grow nether warts it has to be planted on soul sand to grow. In other words, can grow in any dimension in other words is needed for brewing awkward potions which you can distill different items into the awkward potion to give the potion different effects.

Soul sand coal or charcoal and a stick can craft into 4 soul torches soul torches give off a light level of 10 and can be used to repel the piglin. Soul sand 3 sticks and any 3 wood stripped wood log or stripped log can be crafted into a soul campfire.

Soul campfires a middle light level of 10 they do 2 damage to mobs can be used for cooking raw food put under a beast Nestor hive to sheer honeycomb without the bees attacking you and can repel piglets.

Four pieces of soul sand are part of the configuration of the wither along with 3 wither skeleton skulls. The wither is a hostile mob that will shoot skulls and gives the wither effect. Killing the wither will drop another star that can be used to craft a beacon that can give you status effects when in range of the beacon.

The soul stand can be used to create an upward bubble column placing water source blocks above the soul sand block creates a bubble column that will push items up this can be used as an elevator to transport players up or to transport items up.

There’s also a sole speed enchantment that can increase the walking speed when walking on soul sand. The soul speed enchanted book has a 1.09% chance when bartering with a piglin of being given in exchange for a gold ingot.

The maximum level of soul speed is 3 so the chance of getting a soul speed 3 would be a third of a percent from bartering.  To barter you should be wearing a piece of gold armor to not get attacked by the piglin.

To barter either drop a gold ingot or click on the piglet with the gold ink. The piglin will take the gold ingot and give you an item in exchange. Soul speed 3 will give you a 61.5% increase in speed over other blocks.

soul sand
soul sand Credit:minecraft.net/youtube

Where to find the soul sand block

Soul sand can be found in spots like the nether wart room in the nether fortress and Hogland stables and the housing unit in the bastion remnant in small amounts.

 The best spot to find soul sand would be the soul sand valley. This is a biome where the surface is covered in soul sand this biome will have a cyan fog and will have basal pillars from the lava sea to the ceiling.

The hostile mobs found in this biome are skeletons, ghasts, and endermen. There will also be blobs of 0 to 23 soul sand found between 0 to 31 and the soul sand valley and these blobs will try to generate 20 times replacing netherrack.

 These blocks are basically part of the nether at or below the lava sea in the soul sand valley.  If you’re having a hard time finding a soul sand valley another option is a nether waste.

 The nether waste is mostly composed of nether rack with lava seas mobs like gas, zombified piglin, magma cubes, enderman and piglin can be found in this biome.

In the nether waste below y layer 34 so around the level of the lava sea at y layer 31, there is a four deep layer of soul sand.

The last option is the piglin. The pickling could be found in the crimson forest nether waste and bastion remnant. If you are in a bastion remnant beware of the pickling brute that will attack you even if you are wearing gold armor.

One of the items you can get from bartering with the piglin is soul sand there is an 8.71% chance of getting 2 to 8 soul sand. The piglin has a lot of good items you can get from bartering but this is expensive to get soul sand.

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