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Hi Guys! My name is Akash D/b I am a German-based supplement advisor. Todays post is going to help you a lot. I am going to make your life super easy because I will discuss hair removal in this post.

If you want to remove hair from your body, then what is the safest and easiest way to do that? After that, I will talk about periods. How to handle periods so that your hormones dont get imbalanced. Then, I will tell you about two mistakes that every woman is doing regarding their hygiene, due to which they are facing a number of hormonal problems.

 So guys, welcome to my blog. Please share this post because the knowledge that I have today has been researched, based on my own experience and some others from my German friends.

 I always wish that this post would have gotten to me when I was 14 years old when periods and pubic hair start to grow. My time would have been saved, money would have been saved, and endless hours of pain would have been spared.

1) What is the biggest myth for Hair Removal?

First off, lets talk about hair removal. The biggest myth about hair removal is that by using razors, the growth of the hair on the body becomes thick. No Guys The shaft of the hair, i.e., the root of the hair, decides where the hair will grow thin and where it will grow thick.

And on top of that, applying a razor to it doesnt decide that if you have done waxing, the hair will be thin and if you have used a razor, it will be thick. Yes, if the growth of your hair is in a different direction and you are using a razor in the opposite direction or if you are not using a pre-shaving or post-shaving cream, especially coconut oil, Then your skin can get rough And the hair comes pointed out, it doesnt mean the hair is thick.

I learned about razors for the first time from my German friend. In Germany or in other western countries, the culture is very open. After the age of 18, the boy or girl doesnt stay in their parents house They get out and, mostly, the girlfriend and boyfriend stay together.

So when I went to Germany initially to do a job, I stayed in with a pair They were boyfriend and girlfriend. The boys and girls have to stay clean and hygienic because they arent married; there is no trend of marriage there. They are very afraid that their partner wont leave them. So these people try to stay as clean as possible, even inside their houses.

I noticed that my friend Sophie takes around 15-20 minutes to bathe. I asked her what she had been doing for so long. She said, She removes her hair. I asked, Since when? Since the age of 14-15, This has become a part of their lifestyle Whenever they go for a bath, they remove the hair from the body but before or after using a razor, they use coconut oil and creams, and they remove the hair properly. but yes! Their hair is very thin on the body.

2. Can you use Razor?

We people have thick hair, so what should we do? Should we use a razor or not? You will get an answer to this when you understand about Laser Hair Removal. Laser Hair Removal I wish someone would have told me about it 10 years ago. But I dont recommend that you do laser on every part of your body.

 The lasers work perfectly where the growth of the hair is thick. So, your underarms, your bikini area Yes, guys During waxing, the most pain is felt in that area and if we use a razor on our underarms, the hair pricks a lot.

My strong recommendation is that If you dont have any skin issues, You can get lasers on your underarms and bikini area. I know its painful. But a good laser clinic will apply a numbing cream to your skin so that you feel less pain. 80-90% of hair will grow less and the left out hair can be removed by a razor.

The biggest mistake is that the women get lasers on their arms. There is very soft hair on the arms, so what is the purpose of doing lasers there? What is the purpose of doing the lasers on your upper arm?

In fact, guys, I have not done any waxing on my upper arm. People at the parlor say, Maam it is dead skin. we will remove it NO If you live in India, waxing takes off your dead skin, and you become more prone to pigmentation.

Dont do waxing on the upper arm. If you want to remove dead skin, do some scrubbing. What lasers do is that at the hair shaft, They project a beam of light, a beam of lasers, and permanently damage the shaft. So the skin surrounding the hair shaft experiences inflammation. It increases the chances of what is known as Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.

hair removal
Hair removal (credit:YouTube)

3. Tips for laser treatment for Hair Removal

Get laser treatment in winter. Dont go for lasers where there is soft hair.

 And the last tip is to get it done by an expert. If there is thick hair on your legs, you can go for a laser treatment but my recommendation is to do it on the lower legs, not on the upper legs. Because no doubt the lasers get you rid of hair on your body, but you have to pay a cost.

Nature cant be wrong. If nature has given you hair, And we people have become smart enough that we have to remove them Use it with a little bit of precaution, and do not overdo it.

 Do not go for IPL lasers, go for traditional lasers.

My fifth tip is to shave your hair before you go for laser treatment. WHY? because if you have small baby hair on your skin, the laser beam wont be able to go through the hair follicle if there is hair on the surface, Some people take 6 seating while others take 4 seating Its expensive and painful.

Make sure you do the shave properly. After you have done 80% of the hair removal, For maintenance, you can do waxing. Waxing is safe Or you can use razors, also very safe.

I personally use razors. But no hair removal cream. Do you think about how many strong chemicals these hair removal creams contain that it melts down the thick hair, What do you think that this chemical doesnt go to your blood through your skin? Definitely, it goes to the blood.

4. Tampons Vs Pads

Now, lets talk about periods. What to use? I still remember when I went to Germany. It has only been 3 months since I arrived there. I had a Romanian friend. Akash, Lets go swimming. I said, I can not go, I have periods. She said to use tampons and I asked her what tampons were.  It has a thread hanging below it. So, basically, you insert it high enough.

So after it gets full, the blood comes near to the thread and you can pull it off. One is for heavy flow and the other one is for medium flow. From that day to today, it has been 15 years and I have been using tampons and it has been a blessing but after this post, things are going to change.

When I was writing the script when I was researching Why? Because again, this is very convenient and we pay a price for that convenience. What is that price? When the tampon sucks the blood, it gets very thick How does it get thick? How can it hold 10x times more blood than its weight?

It contains a chemical and the skin in the lower part is very thin wherever there is thin skin in your body face, down there, or on lips, The chemical will reach that part of your body. The same is the story with the pads.

Have you seen that ad for pads? No matter how much fluid you put in, it doesnt leak. Why? Because of the chemicals If I compare tampons and pads, I will rate tampons over pads. Why? because, unlike pads, the blood doesnt flow out and it fits inside properly and there is no smell But what are the disadvantages?

They both have the same disadvantages. This is not cotton, cotton cannot hold this much blood. Neither of your pads is cotton. It is a special material that can hold 10x times more fluid. In order to neutralize the odor, fragrances are put over it Tampons and pads are bleached to give them a white color.

 Fragrances! As far as fragrances are concerned, When I was handling consultations in Germany, I had a client whom I helped in reversing an autoimmune condition. Whenever she used make a mistake, In the morning, she used to experience watery eyes and fatigue.

 I still remember, her name was Eva. Eva used to call me in the morning and say, Akash Im over today. I always used to enquire with Eva about what she had consumed the previous day. I asked her about everything she had consumed. Her condition worsened a lot. She could not wake up in the morning, with dark circles under her eyes inflammatory body, and low energy.

 I came to know later that madam had put a scented tree car freshener in her car and drove 30 minutes in it. 

  • Stay away from fragrances.
  • Avoid going beauty parlor.

The last tip is beauty parlors. The moment you enter a beauty parlor be it nail art or be it anything else. anything may be ahead massaged The air inside the beauty parlor fills your blood with a high toxic load that your kidneys and liver have to work for a week to get rid of it.

And when the liver and kidneys are removing the toxins for one week at that time they do not perform any other action like weight loss, balancing the hormones So avoid beauty parlors or find a parlor which provides you services at home.

 It took me 40-42 hours to do the research. But I was just wishing that someone had given me this post at the age of 15 years. We have got a lot more clarity. Right?

So, Thank you, guys. I have done my work Now its your turn to do your work by sharing this post. And if you have more questions regarding women and hygiene do let me know in the comment section.

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What does the razor do?

What lasers do is that at the hair shaft, They project a beam of light, a beam of lasers, and permanently damage the shaft. So the skin surrounding the hair shaft experiences inflammation. It increases the chances of what is known as Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.

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