Studded leather armor

I am Akash and I have been asked to talk about Studded leather armor quite a few times already and I figured it was time today.

Studded leather armor middle age:

So leather armor was used in history for example of boiled leather which is making leather harder with water somehow we’re not quite sure how people did it in the Middle Ages.

 There are certain ways that people have figured out that you could make leather harder with water but we don’t know how they did it back then but it is possible and apparently it happened and there’s also quite simply the buff coat.

 For example which is just a leather jacket a really really thick hard leather jacket that eventually replaced the gambeson. Although this was in the Renaissance period when played armor became used less less and less and people started using these DS buff coats.

 Although you could also wear your buff code under your plate Armour there’s also a description of that being done. So Studded leather armor was used although as people usually really really underestimate the defensive qualities of armor I think people really overestimate the defensive qualities of leather armor.

Studded leather armor is something that you see quite often in movies and video games and things like that and I think in movies it makes a lot of sense because leather is easier to manipulate then steel is giving an actor leather armors is in a lot of ways more comfortable than having an wear steel armor.

 So it kind of makes sense and in video games you usually see that leather is kinda like the light armor version of steel which would be dead that every armor version of whatever type of material you use and that is it’s not completely untrue but it’s still kind of untrue.

 There are simply some problems that that using leather has a comparatively gambeson.

 Now first off I want to say that I use leather for certain things I use leather to buff up already bad at or during Emma because if you have for example very light padded gloves even if your sword is dull that still hurts your knuckles.

Different types of Leather

Leather does have some defensive qualities but there are two main things that you must understand one is that there are incredibly different amounts of leather:

  • Thick leather
  • Thin leather
  • Stuff leather
  • Soft leather

 Flexible not flexible they’re all different kinds of leather and also if you want to have leather armor something that you must understand is that it’s not just leather.

 You need to actually make it into armor you can’t kill an animal get the leather make it the shape of your body and say now I’m  honoured that doesn’t work.

 See the leather armor that the government soldier would wear that is not armor that is just a thin slap of leather and that doesn’t do anything.

 Going that armor would be the same as nickel in my shirt armor the only thing that this has in common with armor is that it covers my body but it does not protect me whatsoever just leather is not armor.

 Now the largest problem that I have with leather armor is because I before I’ve already expressed my general distaste in using leather as a type of armor.

The largest problem that I have with it is how it interacts with blades yes let me explain leather is quite easy to cut see if that leather I just got with quite an ordinary knife and the thing is leather is quite easy to cut and if you look at a sharp edge from a blade and you put it under a microscope look at it and microscopic point of view now what you see is that it’s actually a saw blade it’s just very very very small but there has little hooks like that that’s how about to work.

Cutting test

Now leather can be quite easily solved but fabric is not easily thought it’s going easy to cut leather and it’s not that easy to cut fabric.

 In fact if you see cutting tests may see cutting tests done with just a very thin layer of fabric in between the target and the blade then the damage that the blade does is reduce an incredible amount .

Now why is this important well let me explain a lot of times the fabric doesn’t break right now if you have leather even if the leather is hard and tough enough to withstand the blow you can say  that’s armor yes but whatever weapon you use does cuts into the leather and if leather breaks you can’t fix it there’s nothing you can do to fix leather armo.

 The only thing you can really do is put another patch of leather over it which would just increase the mass of your armor and then eventually you’re gonna have to throw away the entire thing because you can use it anymore or you could sew it up.

 I suppose but then still that hole is still gonna have a weak point because you’re just poking holes into the leather with whatever type of strain you would use and that can simply rip open again it’s never going to be as strong as it was before.

Use of Gambeson

 But if you have a gambeson which is already made out of fabric so it’s harder to cut in the first place and if you do manage to cut that or your opponent it got open your gambeson then all you have to do after the battle is stuff the stuffing back and sew it up and it would be literally the same as it was before.

 Gambesons are very easy to fix well leather is not and that is quite a huge problem because if you have to just replace your armor completely every time you use it that’s troublesome also something that you must understand is that it’s not like you don’t have to look after leather.

Leather needs to be greased up otherwise it just it gets is it gets very brittle it is rips easily it gets tough less flexible and if anything what you want from your leather is that it’s flexible.

So yeah that you don’t have to do those things with a gambeson. so I probably still bigger gambeson you could use leather as a type of armor you can make leather into very effective armor but you must understand the basic fundamentals of what I’m trying to say is just leather is not armor you need to make it into armor for it to be armor.

 Alright now I want to tell you something else in this blog something that is exceptionally horrible that every movie seems to do for some reason and that is studded leather.

Yes if you don’t know it’s done leather as well it’s quite simple and somewhere during the leather armor that the character is wearing there would be a metal pin stud whatever knob somewhere on the armor that he’s wearing.

 Studded leather is something that happens in fantasy all the time and I honestly don’t get it studded leather does nothing well I’ve just explained that leather can be very effective armor it can be armor.

 But the studs are incredibly useless now arguments that people have made for studded leather against me is usually well maybe an incoming blade gets stuck on one of the studs so it increases the chance of your armor actually blocking a blow.

Well no it doesn’t what happens is a blade the lights of the stud is it will just slide off and still dig into the leather that’s not going to do anything even if it doesn’t then still that stud is going to be poking into your body.

You should understand that this studies metal right they never blade with any anything in fact just go lights on that stud then that stud is going to poke you that’s not going to be comfortable at all.

The studs do nothing they absolutely do nothing and well they look cool I suppose I don’t think so but I guess people think that they look cool and that convinces people that it’s armor right instead of just normal clothing it’s odd as studs so now it’s armor because that makes sense somehow I don’t get that either but whatever I’m not a movie director.

 I think that about sums it up there are various different types of leather just there’s all kinds of things you can do it’s honestly I can just talk about  leather armor as a thing that how do you leather armor I can’t explain to you .

There are various ways to create effective leather armor but just leather is not armor and studded leather is useless using studs in your leather by means of protection is the same as saying oh I’m protected because I’m having nipple piercing it doesn’t do anything that nipple piercing is not going to save you but it might be metal but it’s not gonna save you alright stuffs are stupid.

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