What does tinted glass do in Minecraft|Easy and simple way?

What does tinted glass do in Minecraft

Wondering how to get tinted glass in Minecraft this post is going to explain where to get a tinted glass, the use of tinted glass, and what is different between tinted glass and normal glass.

The tinted glass is a new block at the 1.17 update caves and cliffs. The information is based on the latest snapshot at this point it is not in the game and only available in snapshots.

What does tinted glass do in Minecraft|

The tinted glass is an opaque block that will block out light but still be transparent. A good application of this would be for mobs or mushroom farms that require a low light level.

An example of this I built a spawner XP grinder with tinted glass this will show you that the mobs are still spawning in the farm and you can look into the farm to see if there are any issues, plus it will still block out light and still function even though you can see what is happening inside.

This is very useful for a farm like this as before you would have to trust that the farm is working even though you can’t see inside. This is going to be a very useful addition to the 1.17 update.

The tinted glass acts the same as a glass block. Mobs could not normally spawn on glass blocks the tinted glass block cannot be powered by Redstone. For example with cobblestone if you have a Redstone dust, Redstone repeater, or power components it can power a block.

This means a signal can go through the block. With tinted glass this won’t work, Redstone dust and components can be placed on the tinted glass.

In the java edition, Redstone signals can go up on tinted glass but not down. The crafting recipe for tinted glass is 4 amethyst shards and a block of glass will craft 2 tinted glass.

tinted glass do in Minecraft

Where to find amethyst shard

The amethyst shard can be found in the amethyst geode which is a new structure that generates underground between sea level and bedrock.

To get an amethyst shard you have to break an amethyst cluster. The amethyst cluster is the 4th stage of an amethyst bud. Amethyst clusters can grow on budding amethyst blocks when they are exposed to air or water.

Amethyst shards have to be mined by an iron pickaxe. The amethyst cluster will drop 4 amethyst shards. With the fortune enchantment which can be put on a pickaxe, this can increase the drops when breaking a block.

The maximum level of fortune is 3. Each level of fortune can increase the amethyst shard by 4. At level 3 fortune an amethyst cluster can drop up to 16 amethyst shards.

Tinted glass drops as an item when broken by any tool or by hand this is unlike glass that will be destroyed if it is broken without a self-touch enchanted tool. This is just at this point and it could change for tinted glass.

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