Top 15 Best Roblox Games of 2022

Best Roblox Games : Today were going to be talking about the top 15 most fun Roblox games to play in 2022. These are the best of the best.

1. Natural Disaster Survival

Best Roblox Games
Natural disaster survival (credit:roblox)

This game has you playing against several other players as you find yourself scrambling to survive every disaster imaginably. As they attempt to end both the world and your life.

Practice your survival skills in floods tornadoes and even meteors. Wreak havoc all over the map both educational and a whole lot of fun who knew.

2. Encounters

Best Roblox Games
Encounters (credit:roblox)

This game both has a casual and a competitive mode so it brings along all kinds of fun in this last man standing type fighting arena have fun with friends or just dominate the leader boards in these fortuitous encounters.

3. Base Battles

Best Roblox Games
base battles (credit :roblox)

Team with friends or go with random as this game is a full on 20 vs. 20 team fight earn points called medals in the game by defeating enemies then spend those medals on purchasing vehicles.

Weapons are also bought using metals in this game. So it awards skill full players good luck players.

4. Cool Obby 2

Best Roblox Games
cool obby 2 (credit:roblox)

 If you like obstacle courses then this one is for you. With over dozens of unique stages spread over out five different chapters. Youll never be bored each stage is full of parkour and a lot of speed running.

So stay fast and keep a cool head as this game is all about efficiency.

5. Type Racer

Best Roblox Games
type racer (credit:roblox)

Type racer is both the way to improve your typing speed but also compare a solid statistic against other players and friends.

Type out sentences as you can see your improvement laid out in front of you.

6. Flicker

Best Roblox Games
flicker (credit:roblox)

This murder mystery game has you and a group of players hiding in the dark. Every night the killer goes out and murders one player while the others must try to find out who it is during the day.

Filled with many different roles each game will feel different as you rarely are just a civilian.  Stay in the light because the killer moves just as fast as it flickers.

7. Reaper 2

Best Roblox Games
Reaper 2 (

Be a hollow or join as a soul reaper. You level up through defeating the opposing side use those levels to invest in skill points.

Learn more skills and passives as you become the strongest around this fighting game are not just a test of skill but also planning.

You fight not only ai but also players of the other faction. So rise to the top and triumph over other players as you showcase why you are the real reaper.

8. Outlaster

Best Roblox Games
Outlaster (credit:roblox)

Much like the show survivor this game has you competing with other players as you fight for both comfort and safety on this stranded island.

Go through many games as various teams and form secret alliances as you fight for every advantage both hidden or not.

Every so often you must vote someone off the island. So be sure to make some friends along the way good luck.

9. Copyrighted Artists

Best Roblox Games
Copyright artist (credit:roblox)

Play with friends or join a random lobby as the chosen artist must draw something based off an obscure prompt.

In turn the remaining players in order receive the drawing made by the player before them and must try to recreate it.

Then all the players must guess which drawing is the original. You can even have a voice chat on for additional chaos.

10. Ballista

Best Roblox Games
Ballista (credit:roblox)

This is a kind of hack and slashes game where you join with allies to partake in massive medieval battles.

You take the role of much more heroic units as the ai spawn a bunch of mobs for you to roll over until you meet another player, outskill or outplan the opposing team as in war anything goes.

11. Deepwoken

Best Roblox Games
Deepwoken (

This game is not for people looking for an easy time but for the thrill seekers who find fun in combat and challenges.

A rogue like rpg that has you dying over and over as you learn the patterns of bosses and the mechanics behind the expanding roster of zones.

This game is amazing once you get used to the difficulty.

12. Jetpack Jumpers

Best Roblox Games
Jetpack jumpers (credit:roblox)

This game is all about flying a jet pack to get as far as possible. While at the start it is difficult to go the distance through repeated playing you can purchase items and abilities that can help you prolong that flight time.

Each jump may be in the same stage but there are plenty of ways to navigate the zones. So sometimes it pays to get creative.

13. MeepCity

Best Roblox Games
MeepCity (credit:roblox)

This classic has proven time and time again how great of a game it is. If you havent heard of it by now then this life simulator game has a fantastic pet system it lets you live out your life build a house, get a car and bring pets along with you wherever you go definite 10 out of 10.

14. The Wild West

Best Roblox Games
wild west (credit:roblox)

This western themed rpg has you playing as either a cowboy or an outlaw. Choose your path as you go mining in mountains, hunt animals or even hot other outlaws in this freedom-centric role-playing game.

15. Rogue Lineage

Best Roblox Games
Rogue Lineage (credit:roblox)

This is a classic game that used to be a sleeper hit until it was discovered. This permadeath game has you picking up the pieces of your previous character as you live the grueling life of a rogue.

Go on missions or take on your own heists or assassinations. The only thing you can leave behind is your lineage after all.

16.  Beat Runner

Best Roblox Games
Beat Runner (credit:roblox)

This musical adventure has you going through obstacle courses that match the beat of the songs you listen to.

Alternatively you can just chill and hang out at the various locations as they have comfy beats to relax to a more chill game but still extremely fun with the right kind of people.

17. Vehicle Simulator

Best Roblox Games
Vehicle Simulator (credit:roblox)

 This one is for all the car enthusiasts out there you can pick and drive through many cars on courses. It even has semi-realistic physics system to simulate the damage when you crash or slam into other cars.

Its a really fun game to just drive around in or cause as much chaos as you please.

18. Funky Friday

Best Roblox Games
Funky friday (credit:roblox)

Much like the titular game Friday night funky this game is a rhythm game where iconic characters beatbox battle each other face off in this addictive rhythm battle.

19. YouTube Life

Best Roblox Games
youtube life (credit:

If youve ever wanted to try out living the life of a youtuber then why not try out this game. With the goal of being to amass subscribers you can have a test run before going for it for real.

It plays like a tycoon game so keep earning and youll rise to the top.

20. Anime Fighter Simulator

Best Roblox Games
Anime Fighter Simulator(credit:roblox)

This game has you collecting fighters and using them to go through this world full of enemies find secrets hidden throughout the multiple worlds as you create the dream team from various anime to work together.

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