Top 25 Fun Roblox Games to Play in 2022

Hey, my dear friends here in todays blog post  I will be talking about the top 25 fun Roblox games to play in 2022. These are the best of the best games that stand out heads and shoulders Above the Rest.

1. Zo Samurai

fun roblox games
Zo Samurai(credit: Roblox)

Explore the world and what Secrets it has in store for you as you go ahead to head in an intricate combat system full of tight timings and close guards.

Collect the souls of the defeated as currency and find the hidden swords and weapons throughout this age-old mythical version of Japan.

2. Murder Mystery 2

fun roblox games
Murder Mystery 2(credit: Roblox)

A social game that pits the murderer against all of the Innocents as they try to find out who the murderer is and report them to the sheriff.

Roles are randomly determined so be sure to act out in the right manner otherwise you might find yourself dead sooner rather than later.

3. Survive The Killer

fun roblox games
Survive The Killer(credit: Roblox)

Styled after games like Dead by daylight or Friday the 13th. This one-verse mini-game has the victims pit against the killer in a flea-for-your-life scenario. It may seem like a lot but the price for Freedom has to be at least this steep.

4. Piggy

fun roblox games
Piggy(credit: Roblox)

Solve riddles and find Clues and tools useful for your Escape. Hide in spots that the murderer would not even try to check otherwise you might find yourself on the wrong side of the butchers blade.

5. Critical Strike

fun roblox games
critical strike(credit: Roblox)

Pick a class and then get immediately thrown into a random map full of other players, from Islands to planes to an actual Arena.

You must fight your way to the top from knights to archers to Gunners. You must slowly Whittle down the competition until youre the only one left standing.

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6. Funky Friday

fun roblox games
funky Friday (credit: Roblox)

Much like the titular Friday night funkin. This game is a rhythm game where iconic characters beatbox battle each other. Paired with unique graphics and a fun cycle of songs to jam.

This addictive Rhythm battle game has plenty of stories and tracks to play have fun and good luck because some of the songs are finger-twistingly difficult.

7. Build A Boat For Treasure

fun roblox games
Boat Treasure(credit: Roblox)

As the name suggests you build a massive boat designed to sail across the seven seas in your attempt to find lost treasure.

Well, the building and designing part plays a massive section of the game.

At the start, you soon come to understand that youll remake and upgrade your boat over and over as the seas are filled with dangers and Terror first to surpass.

8. Sword Factory  X

fun roblox games
sword factory x (credit: Roblox)

Create and upgrade your dream sword using the tons of materials and enchantments, scattered on this map.

Theres still much to do on the path of the crafter. So its time to get started.

9. Tapping Legend X

fun roblox games
Tapping legend x (credit: Roblox)

 Explore this massive map as you tap away earning cash along the way. Collect pets and unlock enchantments for both your pets and your equipment and power your way to the top as the ultimate Tapper.

10. All-Star Tower Defense

fun roblox games
All-Star Tower Defense(credit: Roblox)

Starring a massive cast of characters you place them along the path to defeat your base from the endless waves of evil. Each character has unique skills and abilities to Aid you in your defense.

11. Work  At  A Pizza Place

fun roblox games
Work  At  A Pizza Place(credit: Roblox)

Chill out in this laid-back game as you make pizzas from scratch serve them in a restaurant or deliver them around town a great time if youre looking to just hang out for a while.

12. Jailbreak

fun roblox games
Jailbreak(credit: Roblox)

 This is an intense game of cops and robbers as you pick a side and play against the others to either fulfill your heists or thwart them.

So either go loud or sneak past the cops because they always have an eye out for crime.

13. Anime Fighter Simulator

fun roblox games
Anime Fighter Simulator(credit: Roblox)

Pick your favorite anime and start off collecting all the fighters from that franchise without massive the world is there are an endless number of Fighters to collect and train as you make your dreams come true.

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14. Beat Runner

fun roblox games
Beat Runner(credit: Roblox)

Pick a track and Dodge obstacles that match the beat of the song then compare it to other beat runners and see who stands out on top.

You can even add your own tracks to run to or let others challenge it. Are you fast enough to be at the top of the leaderboards?

15. Pet Simulator X

fun roblox games
Pet Simulator X(credit: Roblox)

Explore hundreds of Worlds together with your pets as they Farm coins for you and in return level them up as you buy more eggs to hatch more pets from. Collect thousands of pets in this endlessly fun game.

16. Flicker ( Fun Roblox Games)

fun roblox games
Flicker(credit: Roblox)

 This is an anime social deduction game much like the traditional game mode you go and investigate who the murderer is but this time with more powers and abilities attached to it.

 Watch out when the fight flickers because that means the murderer approaches.

17.  Copyrighted Artist

fun roblox games
Copyright artist (credit:roblox)

This is a competition between other artists as you compete to see who can translate the Prompt into the picture the best.

 This game is for anyone with a hobby of drawing and can even turn into a community for those artists to gather and talk to each other.

18. Encounters (fun Roblox games)

fun roblox games
Encounters (credit: Roblox)

A new Super Smash Bros type game wherein you fight an entire cast of characters and practice against bots before heading into PVP worlds as there are many champions each with their own abilities and combos that you can potentially go infinite with.

19. Zombie Uprising

fun roblox games
Zombie Uprising(credit: Roblox)

Rather than fighting other players, you must join hands with them as you fight the zombie horde work together, or else youll end up dying more often than not.

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20.  Ninja Legends

fun Roblox games
 Ninja Legends(credit: Roblox)

Squad up as you and your friends face off against other players and even AI in this head-to-head ninja combat.

 Level up by fighting or doing quests and buy the best equipment kit yourself out with special skills and abilities because this game goes hard with flashy abilities.

21.  Demon Fall (fun Roblox games)

fun roblox games
 Demon Fall(credit; Piunika)

Choose between carrying Humanity on your shoulders and fighting the demons or betraying your Humanity to join the demons. Level up through this game as fighting in it is killed or be killed.

22. Little World

fun roblox games
Little World(credit: Sportskeeda, Roblox)

This game has everything evolving as you progress. Not just yourself but other pets creatures and animals you collect defeat massive bosses and tons of enemies to collect eggshells.

So that you can hatch legendary pets and see whats at the center of this World.

23. Dragon Blade opens a world RPG

fun roblox games
Dragon Blade opens a world RPG(credit: Devforum.Roblox)

Explore the world of dragons. There are many secrets and legendary equipment hidden throughout the world so make sure to take some time and find them then free the world from the evil ziggurats that want to rule over it.

24. Typical colors 2

fun roblox games
Typical colors 2(credit: Roblox)

 This is a classic Team Deathmatch game that has you picking out one of the three General classes offensive, defensive and supportive.

With tons of weapons each class can feel unique and different from others in the same class can you lead your team to Victory.

25.  FNAF Coop

fun roblox games
FNAF Coop(credit: Roblox)

This horror game has you back in the water seat in the titular Five Nights at Freddys.

 This time you have a friend along with you as there are more things to watch over and more robots to watch out for, can the two of you survive this week at Freddys, or will the added weight drag you down(fun Roblox games)?

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