How to get a trident in Minecraft|Easy and simple way

Wondering how to get a trident in Minecraft this post is going to explain where to find tridents and how you can get trident.


 So the first thing to mention about a trident is that they arent a craft-able item in Minecraft. So the only way to get them is to kill a drowned mob that is holding a trident.

How the drowned spawn

Drowned spawn in all ocean biomes including deep variants at light level 7 or below. In the java edition, they spawn in groups of 1. In ocean biomes, they spawn below Y-level 58 so they spawn at least 6 blocks below sea level. Sea level being Y level 64.

Where drowned can be generate

Drowned can also generate as part of certain structures in the ocean ruins.

  • Icy-cold ocean ruins generate in normal, cold, and frozen sea biomes; as well as their deep variants.
  • Warm ocean ruins generated warm, lukewarm, and deep lukewarm ocean biomes.
  • Most of the structures generated drowned and there can be 1-4 in each structure.
  • One thing to keep in mind with ocean ruins is that depending on the structural integrity there may be blocks missing and the ground may not be in the structures.

Drowned Spawn

Drowned can also spawn in rivers their spawning mechanics are higher in rivers than in oceans. The reason for this is that rivers have a small area to spawn.

So for drowned to spawn in a river, they need a higher likelihood to spawn than an ocean biome, also the part drowned spawning below Y-level 58 does not apply to rivers.

trident in Minecraft

Farming Drowned for trident

Taking this into account if you plan on farming drowned for tridents. The best location is a river biome as theyre more likely to spawn there once youve found a drowned. Theres a 6.25% chance in the java edition of a drowned having a trident in the hand when they spawn.

Trident damage

If a drowned has a trident they can do a lot of damage and normal difficulty they can throw, a trident every 1.5 seconds and do 9 damage,  also when the trident is thrown you cannot pick up the drowns trident.

Trident looting enchantment

When you kill a drowned there is a 5.5% chance of them dropping the trident. You can increase that with the looting enchantment which is a sword enchantment. The enchantment increases that drops when killing a mob with the trident this increases the chance of it dropping by 1% per level of the enchantment. The maximum level is 3 at level 3 there is an 8.5% chance of getting a trident.

Undead mobs trident in Minecraft

Another thing with the Drowned is that even though they are found in the water they are an undead mob which means they are susceptible to the smite enchantment that is an enchantment for the axe and sword.

It increases the damage to undead mobs by 2.5 per level of the enchantment. The maximum level is 5, so it does 12.5 extra damage to undead mobs.

It is also incompatible with the bane of arthropods and the sharp enchantments meaning you can only have 1 of the 3 enchantments on your axe or sword.

Zombies trident in minecraft

The last part of this is that when the Trident was first added you could convert zombies into drowned by submerging them into the water killing them and getting a trident.  However, this has changed so if a zombie husk or zombie villager is submerged in water and turned into a drowned you will not be able to get a trident from killing them.

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