Upcoming 5 shares in Travel Tourism Hotel Sector

Upcoming 5 shares in Travel Tourism Hotel Sector

As you know, there was a big decline in the economy due to Corona. And in the stock market too, there has been a decline in every sector. Some sectors also performed very well at this time, among them are  like Pharma, Health and FMCG sectors.

 But there are also some sectors which were affected the most in this Corona time like Travel, Tourism and Hotel Sector.

Today we will know about 5 such stocks which are associated with the Travel Tourism Hotel Sector and can see tremendous growth in the upcoming future.

Tremendous boom is coming in Travel Tourism Hotel Sector Share:-

  • IRCTC Share:-

IRCTC, a company associated with the travel sector. Most of the people know about this stock. So the company is doing its business all over India for the last 21 years.

Which is a subsidiary company of Indian Railway. Its product and service, it earns its main revenue from Catering, Tourism, Online Tickets and Hospitality.

IRCTC share price at present trade is between 2000-2100 seems to take place. And the company is a large cap whose market cap is about 33000 crores.

 IRCTC is a monopoly company with no partner company. As soon as the corona wave ends, the business of this company will start adequately, due to which the price of the share can be seen increasing. If you want you can keep your eye on this stock.

  • Easy Trip Planner Share:-

The second share of this sector which will perform well in the coming future is Easy Trip Planner Share. The company started its business in  2008. Where they provide Online Traveling service.

The companys business is expand all over India its product and services, the company earns its profits from Flight Booking, Hotel Booking, Holiday Plan etc.

Easy Trip Planner recently brought its IPO. The share price at present is between 380 to 390 are running. If you look at its market cap it is about 4000 crores which is a small-cap company.

Within a few months the company has given a tremendous return of 84% to the shareholders. Big investors believe that in the upcoming days, there will be good growth in this sector. Due to which Easy Trip Planner Share will also benefit.

Upcoming 5 shares in Travel Tourism Hotel Sector
Upcoming 5 shares in Travel Tourism Hotel Sector

Expectation of boom in Aviation Sector:-

  • Indigo Share:-

During the Corona period in the country a huge loss has been seen in this sector. But when this corona period will  end in a few days, then this sector will benefit the most.

The company has suffered a massive loss of 5,806.42 crores in the financial year 2021. Big investors believe that when its business will starts well then the company can will come in profit soon.

The Indigo Share Price at present trading is proceeding around 1700 to 1800. The company is a large cap whose market cap is around 65000 crores.

In the last one year the stock has given a good return of about 68%. If you want you can keep Indigo Share in the Watch list.

Upcoming in hotel stock :-

  • Chalet Hotel Share:-

He manages a big hotel chain which has big global brands like Sheraton Grand, Starwood Hotel and Resort, Westin. Apart from this the company also does business in Retail Stores and Malls.

If you look at the market cap of the company it is 3700 crores which is a small cap company. At present, if we look at the price of the stock the is between 180 to 190 are trading.

In the upcoming days when the corona period  will end then this sector is going to see good growth.

  • Airbnb

Airbnb allows homeowners to list properties directly and has amassed a large number of listings around the world.

Many of them are in less-traveled neighborhoods and unique locations that hotel chains is mismatched.

Because of the pandemic across the country, Airbnb in 2020 experienced a 41 percent decline in bookings and a 30 percent reduction in revenue sector, but in the first quarter of 2021 it increases its revenue by 6% over 2019.

 The company recently improved its platform by adding flexible-date search tools and making the process to become a host faster and easier.

Before the pandemic the Airbnb enjoyed the years of explosive growth, and it is likely to enjoy a strong recovery after it.

  • Indian Hotel Share:-

Indian Hotel is the first good stock in the hotel sector. This company is the parent company of Tata Group which does its business in 12 countries with about 196 hotels.

Where the company has 20000 hotel rooms its famous brand are Taj and Vivanta are the biggest.

If you look at the price of Indian Hotel Share at present is of 140 to 150 are going on. It is a mid-cap company whose market cap is close to 17000.

 However, in the recent year there was a loss due to Corona in the company. But hope to do well in the upcoming days. If you want you can keep an eye on Indian Hotel Share.

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