Vastu remedies for back pain|Vastu tips for back pain

Vastu remedies for back pain

Back pain is not just the pain of old age, but it is a painful disease of any age. Due to todays changing lifestyle, the problem of back or back pain is becoming common. There are more complaints of back pain in women during menstruation and pregnancy. Calcium, vitamin deficiency, rheumatoid arthritis, vertebral diseases, stretch in muscles and fibers, inflammation of the uterus, menstrual disturbances, use of wrong posture, etc. cause back pain or back ache.


Vastu remedies for back pain

Mix half a teaspoon of honey in one teaspoon of ginger juice and lick it thrice a day to cure back pain, backache.


Eat five to six walnuts on empty stomach in the morning for a week.

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Vastu remedies for back pain

Boil dried ginger and tulsi seeds in water and drink and drink it after stirring. Repeat this process for at least seven days.


Massage your back with turpentine oil twice daily for relief from backache, back pain.


Always drink warm water. Avoid eating rice, urad dal and white flour.


Vastu remedies for back pain

Mix half a teaspoon each of garlic and lemon juice in a quarter cup of water and drink twice daily for relief from backaches , back pain.

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