At auction, a rookie card of Mickey Mantle from 1952 Topps sold for $12.6 million

Gaining the title of being the most expensive sports collectible ever sold at auction

The rookie card of Mickey Mantle was sold through Dallas-based Heritage Auctions

A decade ago, an eight-figure outcome in the sports sector was unheard of

Ivy Chris stated this card was always going to break records and exceed expectations

Alan Rosen received $50,000 from Anthony Giordano in exchange for the card in 1991, Mr. Mint

For the following 30 years, Anthony Giordano made the decision to keep it “hidden away” and ungraded

By Sportscard Guaranty Corporation, the Mantle card was rated as Mint+ 9.5.

It's almost miraculous that this Mantle rookie card has survived for 70 years in excellent condition

Each one of them is a part of the expanding sports collectibles market