For possessing a handgun in 2021, an Atlanta rapper was given a federal jail sentence of more than seven years

Ibnisa Durr, also known as Paper Lovee, was sentenced on Wednesday by U.S. District Judge J.P. Boulee

Durr was recognised by investigators as the shooter in a shooting on May 30, 2021

Three months later, the department's Fugitive Unit located him

attempted to detain him as he entered a vehicle

Paper Lovee is most known for the 2018 song "No Socks," which he co-wrote with Lil Baby

Other songs include "Walk Down" and "90s Baby."

Durr, 26, of Atlanta, entered a plea of guilty on May 25 to the allegation of having a handgun while a felon

Durr had received convictions for robbery and severe assault

He attempted to run away on foot and threw a bag with a loaded gun over a guardrail