Narrow escape for Alexander Dugin, Putin ‘spiritual guide’

Daughter Darya killed in blast after last-minute car swap

Ukraine denies role in ‘Karmic payback’ amid Russia warning

At the Tradition family festival at the Zakharovo estate, Dugin and his daughter Darya Dugina were honoured guests.

Dugin was pictured holding his head in horror as he stood amid the aftermath of the explosion

The self-declared head of the Donetsk People's Republic, Denis Pushilin, asserted that Dugin was the intended target

Born in 1992, Darya Dugina attended Moscow State University to study philosophy

Alexander Dugin, Darya's well-known father, holds no official position within the Russian government.

In 1993, he helped create the National Bolshevik Party before emerging as a notable Putin supporter.

According to reports, Putin was encouraged by Dugin's idea of "new Russia" to take Crimea in 2014