The Goldbergs on ABC will return for Season 10 on September without a patriarch

Jeff Garlin played by Murray Goldberg has been killed off

Investigative work by HR was being done on the actor after allegations of inappropriate behaviour

When the storylines of the next season begin, Murray's character will have been dead for a while

It truly seems like a major reboot for us, according to Chris Bishop

Since the 2013 debut of "The Goldbergs," ABC's No. 2 comedy, Garlin has played the family patriarch

The show follows on a family in 1980s Philadelphia that is based on the life of creator Adam F. Goldberg

Months after George Segal’s passing in March 2021, Garlin left the show in Season 9

At the end of Season 8, the late actor who portrayed Pops was honored

The beginning of Season 9 saw the family honouring their cherished grandfather