Russia sends 10-15 Battalion troops to  Ukraine’s South

Kyiv “Unlikely” to launch counter-offensive in Kherson

Was Ukraine army’s counter-offensive a smokescreen

Zelensky’s southern ‘counter-strike’  part of a bigger plan

Russia has added up to two battlion tactical groups to its southern forces, taking the number of total troops in the region to 20000

Zelensky’s armys claims to have retaken a number of villages and has strucks 3 strategic bridges on the nearby Dnipro River

Ukrainian strikes reportedly disrupted Russian resupply movement of ammunition, equipment and food

The attacks worked to the extent that Russia has responded to prevent Kherson being cut off

Putin’s military has slowed down its offensive in eastern Ukraine and reinforced troops in Kherson

Military analysts says that this may have been the major objective of kyiv’s strategy all along

Kyiv claims 3 attacks on Crimea