Several killed in Russian shelling in Kharkiv and Donetsk

Zelensky tells Ukraninians to avoid Russian Command post

UN chief warns Russia against taking Ukraine Nuke plant off grid

Russia says UN idea to demilitarise ZNPP unacceptable

Rishi Sunak calls on G20 to Bar Vladimir Putin

UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres has asked Russia not to cut the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant from Ukraine’s grid

His comments followed Ukrainian reports that Moscow is planning to do so

Earlier, Ukraine’s Energoatom state nuclear firm said Russian forces planned to switch off the functioning power blocks at Zaporizhzhia

Energoatom said it believed that Russia was preparing to conduct a “large-scale provocation” there

Russia’s foreign ministry has rejected a proposal by the UN chief to demilitaries the area

Moscow has said that Russian control of the Zaporizhzhia plant guarantees no ‘Chernobyl scenario’

The Zaporizhzhia nuclears plants, Europe’s largest, was occupied by Russia in march