On Friday, the United States disputed claims that the upcoming visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Saudi Arabia will be a symbol of the country's declining influence in the region

Tim Lenderking, special envoy for Yemen, told CNBC that the United States is a crucial partner for all of the countries in the region, not only Saudi Arabia.

Just one month after President Joe Biden's contentious visit, Xi is anticipated to arrive in Saudi Arabia the following week for a meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

He said China, which now holds the leadership of the UN Security Council, "want to see progress in Yemen while their presidency on the security council."

It occurs against the backdrop of ongoing negotiations to resuscitate a 2015 nuclear deal between the United States and Iran.

Since 2014 yamen has been battling of civil warfare engaged between the houthi armed movement and yamen government.

Lenderking claimed that as a result , the battle is currently midway to a decision

He continued by saying that Yemen is a disaster because of which hostile relations may otherwise be overlooked and expressed support for collaboration  with China and Russia in that area.