Poland is making preparations to become a tank superpower

Poland buys modern US and South Korean tanks

With the addition of 1230 new tanks, Poland will have the largest and most advanced tank fleet in the European NATO

The first tanks will arrive in 2025, and the US will laon the Polish Land Forces 28 M1A2 tanks till then

Poland has also ordered the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rockets System(HIMARS) and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

The deals with the US comes after Poland and South Korea signed an agreement for 980 k2 Panther tanks

The M1A2 and K2PL tanks will replace the Cold War-era T-72 tanks, the slightly newer PT-91 Twardy tanks and Leopard 2PL tanks

Poland is located in the centre of Europe and has suffered greatly in European power conflicts

Modern Poland has taken a firmly pro-Western, anti-Russian posture.

Poland has now become a linchpin in the eastern flank of NATO

Poland is among the top weapons providers to Ukraine amid the ongoing war with Russia