What do lightning rods do in minecraft| Easy and simple way?

What do lightning rods do in Minecraft?

This post will explain how the lightning rod works in Minecraft. The lightning rod is a new block in the 1.17 update and can be used to divert lightning.

How to get the lightning rod

Let’s start with how to get the lightning rod.

  • The crafting recipe is three copper and will craft a lightning rod.
What do lightning rods do in minecraft
credit: youtube/Mojang/minecraft.net
  • To get copper ingots you will have to find copper ore in the overworld.
  • Mined it with at least a stone pickaxe or better and it will draw raw copper you will have to smelt this rock hopper in the furnace getting 0.7 XP and a copper ingot.

What is lightning rode?

  • The lightning rod has to be mined with at least a stone pickaxe to drop otherwise it will be destroyed.
  • It can be placed in any orientation on the top or side of a block.
What do lightning rods do in minecraft
credit: youtube/ Mojang/ minecraft.net

How the lightning rod works and what do lightning rods do in Minecraft

  • It will redirect lightning strikes to hit the lightning rod. In java edition it is a 32*4*32 area and bedrock is 64*64*64 area.
  •  Redirecting lightning strikes is useful as it allows you to build with flammable materials like wool that otherwise could be destroyed from catching on fire from a lightning strike.
  • Just to clarify lightning strikes occur during thunderstorms in Minecraft. There are also 2 different weather types one is just to rain and the other one is thunderstorm when lightning strikes and rain can occur.
  • Thunderstorms are a global occurrence that can be between 0.5-7.5 Minecraft days between thunderstorms, a Minecraft day is 20 minutes a thunderstorm can occur every two and a half hours.
  • The length of a thunderstorm is half a day to a full Minecraft day a lightning strike will hit a random block and can light it on fire. If a lightning strike hits certain mobs they can turn into other mobs.

Examples are villagers can turn into witches, pigs can turn into zombified piglins, creepers into charge creepers, and red mushrooms into brown mushrooms.

Charged creepers have increased explosive strength and they can kill another mob and will drop their head.  Brown mushrooms don’t spawn in Minecraft and have a unique ability when fed a flower and melt with a bowl they will give you suspicious stew that has a specific status effect depending on the flower they are given this means the lightning rod has uses besides redirecting lightning strikes from flammable blocks.

A lightning rod when struck will emit a Redstone signal of 15, a lightning rod could be used to activate a Redstone circuit as part of a farm.

The channeling enchantment which is a trident enchantment can be used to summon a lightning bolt it has to have sky access and be during a thunderstorm.

 If a channeling trident is thrown at a lightning rod it will be struck by lightning and this will emit a Redstone signal.

Lastly, oxidation can be removed from copper blocks using the lightning rod oxidation occurs when the copper blocks are placed in the world and over a period of time progress from copper color to a green color.

There are four stages to the copper block this is copper exposed weathered and oxidized.

When the lightning rod is struck with lightning the stage of oxidation is reverted to the surrounding copper it will revert copper blocks and cut copper blocks from playing around with this the copper blocks kind of seemed a bit random on how far back they would be revert in their oxidation.

 It could be a couple of stages or different distances away from the lightning rod. This won’t work if you have a wax copper block which is crafting copper with a honeycomb waxing will prevent the copper block from oxidation and keep it at a specific stage.

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