What to do if he doesn’t text you back ( 6 steps)

He doesnt text you back ?

No sweat, and find your answer in my six steps in order to know how to behave and ease your mind.

1) Do not double or triple text him

Because it shows that you are needy, insecure, and desperately waiting by your phone for him to respond. He is probably just busy or simply choosing when it is convenient for him to reply. Therefore, do not go crazy, but instead practice self-control. I understand it can be hard, especially if youre transitioning from low value to high value and its all very new to you. But a good way to distract yourself is to leave your phone alone and to do something else with your time. For example, watch a film, cook, read a book, or go out for a walk in the park. You have your own life, so continue with your daily routine duties rather than pressing pause on your life cause youre waiting for him to text you back.

 2) Do not confront him (He doesn’t text you back)

Obviously this is a little petty, as it is merely a text, and secondly, it positions you as aggressive and reactive, which is not attractive behavior for a woman. Furthermore, it suggests that your expectations are too high and unreasonable, as you seem to want him at your every beck and call, which is not the right manner of getting a man to fall for you. You should trust him enough to allow him to get back to you in his own time, rather that forcing him to do this, as its very motherly behavior, too. And as we know, motherly and aggressive behavior turn men off, so please avoid this. In this case, controlling your emotions is the key.

What to do if he doesn't text you back

3) Do not victimize yourself by using emotional blackmail

 Men and women alike can smell this a mile off. Comments like, oh did you forget about me, dont you love me, repel men because it makes you look needy and implies that he is your whole life. It also places you as the pursuer, meaning that he does not need to pursue you. It is, if youre doing all the work, he has nothing to pursue, as his testosterone will be depleted, except other woman who are behaving as challenges, of course. Ladies, emotional blackmail is manipulative behaviour, so be careful because if youre doing this to him, it may prompt him to do the same to you. This will lead to a toxic cycle, which by the way was started by who? You.

4) Leave it (He doesn’t text you back)

You simply leave it. Do not overthink this, and he will reply in his own time, as his expectations to reply quickly may not be the same as yours. For example, if you reply fairly quickly to his messages, this does not mean that he has to. Thats why its important to carry on with your life as it is, because if he does disappear, it wont affect you. Please, please dont send stream of messages if you are not getting replies. Just leave it.

5) How to behave when he does eventually text you back.

Well, if its a simple, dry message without a question, then you respond back with a similarly dry statement or thumbs up, depending on the context of the comment he gave you. Do not ask a question, as he did not ask you one, meaning he is not pushing the conversation forward. If he does reply with a question, then you can continue the conversation like nothing happened in a carefree manner because this shows you have your own life and werent waiting by the phone for his text.

6) Should I text him first ( He doesn’t text you back)

If you are in a bit of later stages of dating, and he has been pursuing you, then you can initiate from time-to-time because this will show him that you care and are making an effort. However, you must test this, as some alpha guys do not like this and would prefer to take the lead all the time. If you see that your initiation has led him to disappearing for awhile and then returning, well then maybe you should even let him initiate all the time for now. In this case, keep your texts sweet and feminine, then he is doing all the work. Dating stages will show what kind of texter man he is. If you will see him as a fit, then you can adapt once the relationship grows and becomes more serious. Please keep it in mind, there is no black and white answer, as men are different.

Thank you

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He doesnt text you back

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