Where to find pillager outpost in Minecraft|Easy and simple way

Where to find the pillager outpost in Minecraft this post will explain what the pillager outpost is, what mobs can be found in it, the loot items, and where to find the pillager outpost.

What is the pillager outpost?

It is a structure that will have a watchtower and smaller structures surrounding it.

The watchtower has multiple levels and is composed of cobblestone and dark oak planks.

The surrounding structures will be tents, cages, targets, and logs. The notable part of this is that 1-3 alleys can generate in the cages. This is one of two locations where the alleys can be found the other is a woodland mansion.

The iron golems can also be found in these cages although these cages are different from the ones that the alleys generate in.

The structures surrounding the watchtower can be different each time, so they may not be guaranteed to be there.

Also with alleys, they spawn in the cages at world generation. They will not spawn in them afterward.

The pillager outpost will be occupied with pillagers that will be equipped with crossbows.

The area around the pillager outpost will be a large spawning area for the pillagers.

In java edition, it is a 72x54x72 area centered around the same level as the chest in this area mostly spawns passive mobs and pillagers.

On opaque blocks inside the light, the level has to be 8 or below and outside the sky level of light has to be 11 or below.

They spawn on grass or sand regardless of the skylight. In bedrock edition, they spawn below a specific point on the outpost.

The reason to bring this up is that if you want to neutralize the outpost from spawning pillagers you can remove the sand and grass and light up the spawning area.

The pillager outpost will also have pillager captains these are pillagers that will hold ominous banners.

If you kill these pillagers they will give you the level 1 bad omen effect for 100 minutes.

This can keep increasing by 1 with each additional pillager captain you kill the maximum level is 6.

 The ban open effect will trigger a raid if you enter a village. To get rid of the bad omen effect drink a bucket of milk this will remove any status effect.

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Loot items in  pillager outpost

 Loot items found in the pillager outpost there is a single chest found at the top level of the outpost.

 Some of the items that can be found in this chest are dark oak logs, crossbows wheat, bottle O enchanting, carrots, potato, arrow, string, tripwire hook, and iron ingots.

One of the loot items that sticks out is an enchanted book.

There is an 11%  chance for it to appear and can be any enchantment except for the soul speed and swift sneak enchantments and it is a random level.

There is also a 100% chance for a goat horn to be found in this chest.

The goat horn is a new item that can be played to make a sound. There are 8 different sounds that can play depending on the goat horn.

The goat horn from the pillager outpost chest can only be 4 sounds that you can get from a normal goat. The other 4 from the screaming goat you will have to get a screaming goat to hit a block and drop a goat horn.

Pillager outpost
pillager outpost in minecraft

where to find the pillager outpost

The pillager outpost is a semi-rest structure that can be hundreds or thousands of blocks away from each. Other.

The outpost is rarer than a village but more common than a woodland mansion.

In java addition, they don’t generate close to villages. The biomes that the pillager outpost generates in our planes, deserts, savannah, Tega, snowy plains, meadow, groves, snowy slopes, jagged peaks, frozen peaks, and stony peaks.

In bedrock, they can also be found in sunflower plains and snowy taiga. This sounds like a lot of biomes but if you separate the mountain biomes from the rest it makes it easier.

6 of these biomes are mountains so a good spot to look is in mountainous areas. Outside of there are 5 biomes planes, deserts, savannah, Tega, and snowy plains.

Depending on the biome cluster, a biome cluster is basically the biomes that group together based on temperature there are only one or two biomes in each cluster to find a pillager outpost.

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