Where to find the meadow biome in Minecraft|Easy and simple way

Where to find the meadow biome in Minecraft. In this post you will know about the new world generation in the 1.18 update. How it generates with mountain peaks, where to find the meadow biome and what you can find in the meadow biome. This information is accurate as of the 2142a snapshot.

New World Generation in Minecraft 1.18

Before this update in minecraft, how the terrain was generated depended on the biome. For example for an area to have hills it would have to have hills in the biome like desert hills.

However in minecraft 1.18 caves and cliffs update part 2 terrain generates before the biomes this means that biomes are picked after the terrain is generated. This also means that a bunch of biomes have been removed from the game.

It will simplify the biomes as you dont need to have a biome for flat hills and mountains. Now it is simplified into one biome and it will generate these terrains in it.

How do mountain peaks generate in the 1.18 update

Part of this is that mountains have been changed. Now there is 6 sub biomes added that can make up the mountain peak meadows being one of them.

The mountain peaks will stick out from other terrain as it is larger and taller with more cliffy terrain. The biomes will be generated in areas with low erosion values.

Also there are windswept hills that are different from mountain peaks but they are both mountains.

There are windswept tails as the old mountains biome it should be a mix of grass and stone.

Windswept forest is the old wooded mountains it should contain oak and spruce trees and windswept gravely hills biomes is the old gravelly mountains they will contain gravel blocks.

Windswept savannah is the old shattered savannah biome. It should be a drier grass mixed with coarse dirt.

Meadow biome

Where to find the Meadow Biome

The meadow biome will be found on mountain peaks. Meadows are almost a flat field with patches of flowers or double tall grass. They look similar to a planes biome.

Meadows usually generate in the lower slopes of the mountain so the bottom layers of the mountain or as the plateau or top of the mountain.

The meadow biome should really stick out on the mountain as all the other sub-biomes are covered in snow blocks, trees or stone.

The meadow biomes will mainly be next to planes or temperate biomes. What i mean by temperate biomes is that certain biomes will cluster together this means you shouldnt be able to find a desert that is a warm biome next to a snowy plains which is a snowy biome next to a tega biome which is a cold biome.

The biomes in the temperate cluster are planes, sunflower plains forest, flower forest, birch forest old growth birch forest, dark forest, swamp jungle sparse jungle bamboo jungle and mushroom field.

Your best bet would be to find a mountain within these biomes otherwise you wont find a meadow.

What is in the meadow biome

The meadow biome will rarely have a lone oak or birch tree. If the tree is in the biome it will have a bees nest on it. If the tree doesnt generate and you want a bees nest planting a birch or oak sapling within 2 blocks of a flower has a 5 percent chance to generate a bees nest on the tree.

The meadow biome does not have any too high blocked flowers. It can generate dandelions poppies allium azerble oxide daisy and corn flour.

This isnt quite good enough to put a flower farm in the biome but it generates the same amount of flowers as a planes biome or a sunflower planes.

There are 3 mobs that spawn in the meadow which are donkey, rabbit and sheep. The only other biomes that donkeys generate in are planes or savanna.

The donkey can be ridden by taming them and putting a saddle on them. They can also be equipped with chest giving them an additional 15 inventory slots.

Sheep can spawn in this biome because of grass covering it and the space requirement. Sheeps can be sheared to get wool and can drop mutton if killed.

Rabbits spawn in a wide variety of biomes they drop rabbits foot, rabbits hide, and raw rabbit. There are also 2 structures that can generate in the meadow one is a pillager outpost and the other is a village.

The meadow is the only mountain biome where a village can generate. If you want to build a base on a mountain the meadow would be a good candidate as it can have villagers mobs that you can use to get food and a flat space to build a base.

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