How to find a woodland mansion in Minecraft|Easy and simple way

This post is going to explain how to find a woodland mansion in Minecraft.

The woodland mansion

The woodland mansion is the rarest and hardest to find structure in Minecraft. The wooden mansion is three levels and it will have a variety of different rooms in it, it can generate differently each time without certain rooms. There is a good chance of finding rooms with loot chests along with other items and spawner.

The mansion will be occupied with illegal mobs like evokers and vindicator. If you kill an evoker they will drop a totem of undying that can prevent you from dying when youre holding it.
Other mobs like skeletons, spiders, zombies, and creepers can appear depending on the darkness of the area.

Where to find the woodland mansion

If you can use commands like slash locate mansion to find the coordinates of a mansion, another option is that can show you the location of the mansion if you put the seed number into the locator along with other mansions on that seat.

Mansion generation(woodland mansion in Minecraft)

Mansions generate in canopied forests like dark forest, or dark forest hills. This biome will have trees of dark oak and large mushrooms.

It is possible to come across a woodland mansion while exploring but woodland mansions are rare they should generate thousands of blocks away from spawn point and just going out to try to find one can be really difficult as youll have to cover a lot of ground.

Cartographer and woodland explorer map

The best way to find a woodland mansion is to buy a woodland explorer map from a cartographer villager.

The jobsite block of the cartographer is the cartography table. The cartographer will sell a woodland matching map for a compass and 14 emeralds keep in mind with villagers when they sell you a map they will keep selling you the same map since the map is based on the closest structure to them.

The journeyman level is the third level and trading with the villager will give them experience leveling them up and unlocking two trades at each level.

Woodland explorer map

The woodland explorer map is different than a normal map it will show a land water outline the woodland mansion will be displayed as a small icon. Your icon will be displayed on the side of the map.

If you are having problems finding the direction to go move in a straight line and see the direction the icon moves along the border.

If that doesnt work then move in another direction in a straight line and see if the icon moves along the border this can be difficult to judge if you are getting closer or further away from the mansion just remember to look for a dark force biome.

Once you are within 1027 blocks of the map the player icon will return to a normal size on a normal map and when you are within 512x 512 area of the map it will start to fill in the map.

Then hopefully you can find a mansion grab all the loot without being killed by the evoker.

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